Best Moments Of The Voice 2013 Auditions Compilation Mp3 [8:35]
Shakira: "Empire" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [2:55]
Adam, Delvin, Christina and Kat: "Sledgehammer" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [2:47]
Braum Voice - English - League of Legends Mp3 [4:48]
Dani Moz: "Turning Tables" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [1:42]
T.J. Wilkins: "I'll Be" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [1:52]
The Voice Of UK 2013 - The Best Blind Auditions [COMPILATION] Mp3 [8:35]
Outtakes from Monday's Episode of The Voice (The Voice Digital Exclusive) Mp3 [2:20]
Tess Boyer: "Dark Side" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [1:44]
Top 12 Elimination (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [2:31]
Shakira - Empire | Live at The Voice USA 2014 | (HD) Mp3 [2:55]
Blake, Jake, Sisaundra and Audra: "Put Some Drive in Your Country" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [3:19]
Snoop Dogg DLC ALL Voices! $2.99 New COD Ghosts DLC Voice Overs Mp3 [6:23]
Dani Moz Exit Interview (The Voice Interview) Mp3 [2:05]
COD Ghosts: Snoop Dogg Voice Pack! (Actual Gameplay) Mp3 [7:11]
Red Carpet report: The Voice's new season 2014 Mp3 [1:22]
Kristen Merlin: "Stay" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [2:09]
Christina Grimmie: "Dark Horse" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [1:58]
COD Ghosts: 2 New Voice Packs! Snoop Dogg & Drill Instructor Gameplay Audio (Ghost Micro DLC) Mp3 [6:59]
Josh Kaufman: "Stay with Me" (The Voice Highlight) Mp3 [2:00]

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